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At Doctorpedia, we believe that every person should have access to leading doctors – anytime, anywhere. Our library of over 2,500 doctor-led websites will provide patients with video and written content, tools, and resources that are credible, engaging, and specific to their needs.

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Why Doctorpedia?

We are determined to improve the way people engage with their healthcare. Learn more about the company, our product offering, and the Doctor Investor Program by watching these videos.

Every Doctorpedia website features engaging video and written content provided by trusted doctors - customized for that specific patient community's needs.

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Investment Opportunity

Invest in Doctorpedia and shape the future of online health information.

  • Join the Digital Health Media Revolution.

    Doctorpedia is unique in bringing together doctors, clinicians, industry executives, entrepreneurs, media professionals, and investors with experience in the healthcare space to create a network of websites designed to improve the patient experience.

  • Massive Return on Investment.

    Investing in the future of health media in this pre-launch phase can be highly lucrative. The minimum investment size is $25,000 and we project that our investors will make a 10x return within five years.

  • Doctorpedia Doctors

    This offering is exclusive to healthcare leaders with expertise in their respective field(s). Doctors have an opportunity to own a share in the condition-specific website of their choosing and can lend their expertise to that site. This is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expert opinions with the world, while shaping the future of online health information.

  • Limited Time Offer.

    Each condition-specific website will have a limited number of Doctor Investors. While we are pre-launch, early stage investors can secure the website of their choosing and ensure they get the most value out of their investment.